The descriptions of these ratings are estimated guidelines for a person of good physical fitness doing the trip in good weather. Variables such as fitness, weather, pace and steepness of terrain will increase or decrease the level of difficulty accordingly. Activities not listed below, such as whitewater sports or rock climbing, have their own rating systems which should be used.

H=Hiking S=Skiing/Snowshoeing C=Cycling MB= Mountain Biking K=Kayaking/canoeing

Very Easy Gentle Terrain 3-5 miles (H), Gentle Terrain 1-3 miles (S), Flat Terrain below 15 miles (C), Flat Terrain 3 miles (MB), Calm Water (K)


Easy Gentle to Moderate Terrain 3-5 miles (H), Gentle to Moderate Terrain 1-3 miles (S), Slight Hills 16-30 miles (C), Small Rolling Hills 3-4 miles (MB), Slight Current (K)


Moderate Some Steep Grades 5-10 miles (H), Some Steep Grades 5-8 miles (S), Moderate Hills 31-50 miles (C), Rolling Hills 4-6 miles (MB), Moderate Current (K)


Strenuous (Requires Special Leader Rating) Demanding Terrain 10-15 miles (H), Demanding Terrain 8-10 miles (S), Fairly Steep Hills 51-80 miles (C), Rolling Hills 6-8 Miles (MB), Moderate Swift Current (K)


Very Strenuous (Requires Special Leader Rating) Over 10 Miles (H), Demanding Terrain Over 15 miles (S), Steep Hills Over 80 miles (C), Rolling Hills 8 miles (MB), Swift Current, Portage (K)

Mt. Jefferson - would fall under "moderate," but many might consider this "strenuous."