When on a Chiltern trip or at an event, and/or inquiring about one, please observe these simple but often overlooked courtesies:

Call leaders during specified times; noon 9 PM is acceptable.
● For day trips, do not call the day before or the morning of
● For larger events or long weekends, call asap but not a few days before
● Discuss concerns with the leader, especially trip difficulty in leader's own words; this varies despite the event listing posting
● Please do not show up to a trip or event unannounced, and avoid bringing unexpected guests
● Tell the leader if you attend as a couple or group
● Ask permission to bring pets - leashes are always required
● Call ASAP to cancel if you cannot attend a trip you have signed up for, as there may be a waiting list
● Do not be a No Show - you may be denying someone else the chance to attend
● Decide you are serious before signing up for a trip
● Be on time or early; listen to instructions before leaving
● Sign the club liability waiver - if you refuse, you may be asked not to participate in the trip
● Keep up with the group - inform the leader of any trouble or if you have to drop out
● Be responsible for yourself! Every action has consequences
● Do not litter in the outdoors - carry-in-carry-out policy on all trips
● Help clean up at large events - we are all volunteers
● Carpooling is encouraged; offer a percentage of fuel costs to willing drivers
● When taking pictures, announce that they may be published as some members may not be out
● Leaders should not profit from the trip, but pay your own fees or bring a potluck dish if applicable; they may howver ask for reasonable compensation for costs paid in advance
● Do not give out addresses or phone numbers, or expect leaders to provide these

REMEMBER: Trip leaders and other coordinators are volunteers, please treat them with courtesy and respect. They are our most valued resource!